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The Fastest way to enable Payment Gateway in E-Commerce

From accepting payments to managing and distributing them, it requires a payment platform. A payment platform is then backed up by payment gateways. To ease up the checkout process, a flexible payment gateway is required to be integrated into the system. 

Modern life demands ease from home rather than wasting time on physical shopping or running errands around the house to get chores done. Instead, they opt for anything that is accessible on a single platform. The online era has provided commodities and benefits to modern life. According to Statista, transaction values are also growing rapidly. Total transaction value in the Digital Payments segment is projected to reach US$8.49 trillion in 2022.

A smooth checkout is a necessity in e-commerce, either you are an online customer or a merchant who is looking out to increase his revenue. A payment gateway that permits multiple payment options, enhances revenue, and maximizes their current stack — all on one platform.

The fastest way to enable your payment gateway today is to sign up with Swipe and let us take the load off your shoulders. Our team of specialists will guide you through signing up to payment packages. Swipe’s API integration dynamically adapts to your device and location and simplifies your checkout.  Swipe provides you with astonishing security for your payment transactions. Our 2 main security features i.e. Swipe Signal and Swipe Protect detect any threats or risks in your transaction assuring safeguard for your money. 

Some easy steps to enable your payment gateway:

  1. Scroll Payment Packages 
  2. Sign up/Register through
  3. Provide Verified Documents.
  4. Make Payment to complete Signup.

The Verification Process will begin right after the submission of the required documents. Our experts will legally verify your documents before submission to the bank. Activation for FPX will be completed within 24 to 48 hours. Activation Card transaction (Visa/MASTER) is subject to approval by the providers and once your account is verified and approved, you can start accepting payments from your customers being a SWIPE MERCHANT. Enjoy all the perks of being our merchant and increase your revenue at a faster pace. 

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