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A Complete

Payment Platform.

We help businesses to accept, manage and distribute payment worldwide and is ready to be adopted by companies ranging from startups to large corporation.

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The backbone for
payment infrastructure

We come in handy for you to focus on creating great products while our alternatives work to simplify your problems. Create your account with Swipe and simplify the business solutions experience for your customers.

Everything is ready, packed and set for developers to plug and play payments with our checkout. Just point them to our developer section and get your payments powered in a jiffy.

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Empower your business with all the right tools to accept online payments and provide the best customer experience.


Payment Link.

Instantly create a payment link and accept online payment directly from your customer.

Distribute sales automatically via

Split Transaction

Auto-split transaction between multiple stakeholder in one account.​

Collect Payments via​

Automated Billing.

Simply create a bill to collect payments from your customer automatically.

Personalize Company Invoice.

Customize and share invoices with your customers to receive payments on time.

Wide Range of
Integration Methods.

Integrate Swipe with your platform and start collecting payments.

Web Form.

Create a secure payment form, receive online payments with Swipe integrations, and grow your business!

API only.

Swipe API allows you to easily integrate Swipe with your platform to fit your branding needs.

eCommerce plugins.

Easily integrate Swipe as a plugin using your existing eCommerce platform.

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