How Fintech help SME’s in building International Business Capabilities?

As Fintech broadens its offerings, they are expanding their global footprints. The use of technology and innovative business models in financial services is spurring new competition throughout the globe. While SME’s on the other hand account for more than half of the world’s GDP employing 2/3rd of the global workforce. SME’s use fintech excessively in […]

Accepting Credit Card Payment. What to consider?

Plastic money has been providing us with financial freedom for ages. The ease of doing transactions is incredibly beneficial for modern life. Cards reduce the need to rely on others for financial assistance in an emergency. According to IDFC First Bank: “Plastic money has become a necessity today. Fortunately, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The […]

The Fastest way to enable Payment Gateway in E-Commerce

From accepting payments to managing and distributing them, it requires a payment platform. A payment platform is then backed up by payment gateways. To ease up the checkout process, a flexible payment gateway is required to be integrated into the system.  Modern life demands ease from home rather than wasting time on physical shopping or […]